2012 House Wine Steak House Cabernet Sauvignon 750 Ml

The 2012 vintage, while starting off with a stunning resemblance to 2011, finished off the season well: average heat accumulation, average cumulative precipitation and only a few isolated weather events. Most bud break occurred in early April. Although overall precipitation for 2012 was slightly above normal, it was not evenly distributed over the growing season. August saw low humidity, low precipitation and high temperatures which kicked off the metabolic processes involved with berry ripening. We noticed vastly improved fruit quality when compared to the 2011 vintage; 2012 brought medium sized berries, concentrated colors and intense flavors that took a little time to catch up with the sugars.

2013 Dry Creek Vineyard Fumé Blanc, Sonoma County 750ml

The 2013 harvest will be remembered as a season of near perfect growing conditions. It was also one of our driest seasons on record. By mid-January, it seemed that Mother Nature turned off the rain spigot. Overall, winter was extremely mild. Spring budbreak was normal with frost of little or no concern. The summer growing season was outstanding with moderate temperatures. A few heat spikes in late May and early June had us thinking it would be an unusually warm summer. However, July, August and September were beautiful with moderate temperatures. Harvest conditions were excellent. Yields were normal and the quality was superb with all varietals achieving optimal ripeness levels.

NoteBook 4NV Red Blend 750 mL

The number preceding the NV indicates how many Notebook blends we have produced. For over 30 years we have been crafting wines that are more compelling and interesting than single vintage and varietal wines by employing the centuries-old practice of blending wine lots from multiple vintages (Vertical Blending) with multiple grape varieties (Horizontal Blending).

Each lot of wine is carefully selected each year for Notebook Red Blend based upon the mature flavors of the older vintages and the vibrant fruit characteristics of the younger vintages. The result is a wine that offers, fruit, structure, approachability and exceptional value. *Reference the blending cross on the label.

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