Lucky 7 Wines - Tasting Notes


    Lucky 7 Wines - Tasting Notes


    Malbec 2008:

    At sight, this wine is intense red with violet and ruby shades. Its aromas are reminiscent of blackberries, plum, mature strawberries and marmalade. It has nice tannins and is a rounded, persistent and well-balanced wine.



    This delicate and fruity wine presents an intense red color with purplish shades and a gentle aroma of black plums and cherries. In the mouth it offers a soft varietal character and a pleasant finish.



    A unique Chilean wine that is almost black in color with hints of exotic spices and a velvety finish. Ideal with Texmex or spicy food.


    Cabernet Sauvignon:

    Rich chassis and blackcurrant flavors combine with sweet tannins in this full-bodied red wine. Ideal with grilled meat or rich pasta sauces.




    The Chardonnay grape produces balanced, refined and highly aromatic wines. It has a straw and fair yellow color. Its green apple, pear, banana and pineapple aromas make it an extremely attractive wine. In the mouth, it has a sweet start. It is buttery and produces good volume. An excellent combination of boaby and acidity.


    Sauvignon blanc:

    A lively young wine with fresh aromas of citrus fruits and guavas. Its lingering fruit flavors make this an ideal partner for Asian cuise or fresh seafood.



    This wine is expressive and aromatic on the nose with strawberry notes. In the palate, a nicely balanced acidity enhances the aromas and fruit flavors, giving a beautiful persistent mouth-feel.


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    Ryan You gotta love a bit of CHASSIS your vino!
    December 22, 2009