Fantastic Fizzy Cocktails That You Can Make At Home


    Fizzy Cocktails


    Nothing can beat the feeling of relaxing on a beach or in a swanky bar while sipping on a fizzy cocktail. Unfortunately, most of us won't get that opportunity on a daily basis. To recreate that feeling of indulgence and relaxation from the comfort of your own home, try your hand at making cocktails. Margaritas and martinis might be the classic cocktails, but the addition of sparkling wine can transform an ordinary drink into something spectacular. Whether you want to sip something pink and fruity with the girls or something rich and romantic on a date night, use this list to find the perfect drink. Here are the top fizzy cocktails that you can make right at home.




    French 75


    This understated cocktail packs a punch thanks to the addition of gin, and makes a delightful evening drink. Although the name might imply that the drink was created in France, it is actually an American specialty that came about during World War I and was named after a type of military gun. In order to make a French 75, fill a cocktail shaker with two or three cubes of ice, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two shots of gin and two teaspoons of sugar. Shake the mixture together until the sugar has melted, and then pour it all into a chilled sparkling wine flute. Top the mixture off with a generous pour of Angas Brut Cuvee and serve the drink with a lemon peel.






    When most people think of cocktails from the American state of Kentucky, it is the classic mint julep that comes to mind. However, this sparkling cocktail is a regional favourite that is gaining popularity around the world thanks to its combination of bourbon and sparkling wine. The Seelbach is incredibly easy to make and requires simple ingredients, making it the perfect drink for one, or to serve to your guests. Start by pouring one shot of bourbon, a half-shot of Cointreau and seven dashes of bitters into a glass. Then, add five shots (or 150 ml) of chilled dry sparkling wine to the glass and stir to mix. Any dry sparkling wine will do for this recipe, but a favourite is the B. Francois Brut NV.




    Negroni Sbagliato


    This cocktail is as beautiful to look at as it is to drink, owing to its velvety red colour. Since it requires just three ingredients and can be made in a champagne flute or just an ordinary glass, it’s a simple way to impress your friends without investing in a bunch of different ingredients. Start by mixing one and a half shots of sweet vermouth with one and a half shots of Campari, and straining over ice. Once it is chilled, add in an additional two shots of sparkling wine. For this recipe, a fun and fizzy bottle is best, and the perfect choice is a fruity AngasMoscato NV.




    Savoy 2000


    If you really want to make an impression on your guests, your answer lies in the Savoy 2000, the Rolls Royce of champagne cocktails. Created in the bar at the Savoy in London, this drink is the ultimate in luxury. It takes a few minutes to make, so consider mixing a few at once to save time. To start, pour two-thirds of a shot (20ml) of Midori, one-third of a shot (10ml) of Limoncello, two-thirds of a shot (20ml) of gin, and one shot of mango juice in a shaker with ice. While it is chilling, use sugar to frost the rim of a champagne flute for an extra sweet touch. Pour the mixture into the frosted champagne flute and then top with champagne. Since this is a luxury cocktail, splurge for the champagne and use a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon.




    Although drinking a glass of sparkling wine or champagne on its own is delicious, using it to create any of these creative cocktails takes it up a notch. You'll have no trouble wowing friends and family when you serve these fizzy and fabulous cocktails at your next gathering.