Charlotte’s Web Pinot Grigio

Charlottes Web Pinot GrioSouth Australia’s boutique winemaker Fox Gordon is winning growing numbers of admirers with its range of reds and whites out of the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, and their 2014 Charlotte’s Web label Pinot Grigio is a rewarding example of what a hands-on, small-family maker can achieve with the variety.

In this Pinot Grigio, winemaker Tash Mooney has crafted a wine which has lovely varietal pear and apple flavours along with a captivating hint of lime, and one that’s sure to appeal to the fast-growing ranks of Pinot Grigio enthusiasts in this country – as in so many others around the globe – as the variety charges forward in its pursuit of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to be the world’s best-selling white.

Founded relatively recently in the 1990s, Fox Gordon is also well on the road to achieving its owners’ dream of producing premium Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills wines that will one day sit amongst the greatest of international brands as measured by value and enjoyment.